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Personal events are times when we celebrate some of the best moments of our lives. These moments are truly special and require great care and attention. Expert planning and extra attention to detail is exactly what has made us a premium choice for any throughout out our long history.

Corporate events are also special moments as businesses help make memories for customers to enjoy or perhaps give a busy team of professionals the opportunity to come together despite the craziness of work. We don't simply plan events, we make the event experiences for businesses of many kinds.

Industry Experts

Our customer's event experiences mean a lot to us. So much that we have dedicated the last 20 years to successfully planned events, staff training, and hospitality services. We are more than simply a private event boutique, we are service professionals intent on helping you enjoy the moments you get to gather together with others. We train all of our staff in the latest in service & hospitality techniques so that they are readily equipped to make your event the best it can be. So please take a look at our services for your next event, we know you won't regret it.

Our list of services include:


  • VENUE booking

  • Catering

  • Musicians

  • Florist Services

  • Staffing

  • alcohol

  • rentals

  • decorations

  • invitations

  • photographers

  • transportation

  • Speciality Vendors

  • Hair & Make-Up

  • Hotel Arrangements

"Day of" Coordination Scheduling & Preparing:

  • photographers

  • vendors

  • line management

  • toasts

  • speeches 

  • dances

  • dinner

  • cutting of the cake 

  • gifts & card collection

Private Party Preparation:

  • Setting & arrangements 

  • decoration

  • Food Preparation,

  • food Arrangement

  • Menu PResentations for buffet or dinner/family style service.

  • Clean Up: 

    • dish washing

    • pack food 

    • trash removal 

    • and event breakdown 


We truly are a full-service Events & Hospitality Firm.

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